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Super Mixing Granulator (LM-100)

  • Shanghai, China

  • Export Standard Wooden Case

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  • LM100

  • Customized

  • New

  • 1 Year

  • Super Mixing Granulator

  • Granulator

  • Lm100

  • 25-70kg

  • 10.5kw

  • 700kg

  • BSIT

  • Meet with CGMP standards

  • Made in China

  • 8422400000

  • Preparation Machinery

  • Granules

  • High Precision

  • CE, GMP

  • 380V

  • Computerized

Super Mixing Granulator (LM-100)

Application :
This machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and light industries. Etc, to blend powdery materials and granulate.
The blending and granulating procedures and completed in the same vessel of the machine. Powderymaterials in the stationary conic vessel remain in a semiflowing and rolling state owing tother agitation by a blending paddle, and are fully mixed. After pouring in adhesives, the powdery materials gradually change into fine, damp granules turn moist and their shapes begin paddle and the inside wall of vessel, powdery materials tuan into loose, soft materials. Through the action of granule shaping paddle, the soft materials gradually change into fine, damp granules with the same size.

Super Mixing Granulator (LM-100)
Super Mixing Granulator (LM-100)
Super Mixing Granulator (LM-100)
Super Mixing Granulator (LM-100)
Super Mixing Granulator (LM-100)
Super Mixing Granulator (LM-100)

Working principle:

1.It suitable for the mixing and grain producing, it is widely used in the industry of pharmaceutial, medicine, food, chemistry and light industry.

2. The two processes, mixing and graining producing are completed in the same container, the powder in the fixed taper container changes to half-flowing state by milling of the blending oar and achieves complete mixing. With the immiting of the bond, powder becomes wetting. By the extrusion, attrition and pinch of the blending oar and canister cliff, powder changes to loose soft material. The soft material gradually forms small and well-proportioned humid grain by the grain producing oar.

Main Feature:

1. Current display: Measuring power consumption and monitoring the granulating process.
2. Cooling of interlayer jacket of material groove: Improving quality of granule.
3. Frequency inverter adjustable speed of stirring paddle: The granule diameter can be controlled easily.
4. Frequency inverter adjustable speed of cutter: The granule diameter can be controlled easily.
5. Conical material groove: Materials can be mixed uniformly.
6. Pneumatic automatic discharge: Sealed and reliable.
7. Pneumatic pot cover lifting: Easy operation
8. The rotational speed can be controlled manually: You can try to find out the technological parameters for experiment
9. Input the set value through the touch-type keyboard to conduct program control: The quality of every batch is stable and uniform.
10. Gas filled sealing of rotating shaft: Preventing the rotating shaft from being bonded by dust.
11. Water-spraying cleaning of rotating shaft: Easy cleaning and short cleaning time
12. The parts that touch material are mare made of (polished) stainless steel: Meeting the specifications of GMP.
13. Appropriate height of discharge outlet: It can be used together with the drying equipment.
14. Can be equipped with PLC and human machine interface.

Technical Parameters (The right of alteration is reserved):
Model/specifications Din LM10 LM50 LM100 LM200 LM300
Material Groove Total Volume dm3 10 50 100 200 300
Service Capacity dm3 2-7 12-35 25-70 80-100 120-150
Max inside Diameter mm 294 500 640 788 988
Driving System Rotational Speed of Stirring Paddle r, p, m 100-1000 20-500 8-250 30-250 30-200
Power of Motor KW 2.2 5.5 7.5 15 20
Rational Speed of Cutter r, p, m 50-3000
Power of Motor kw 0.75 1.5 3 4 7.5

Length (L) mm 1500 2000 2400 2200 2400
Total Height (H) mm 1300 1500 1560 2000 2300
Height of Discharge Outlet (h) mm 700 700 730 930 930
Width (B) mm 600 760 900 1700 1800
Weight of Machine kg 260 400 700 1100 1300

Super Mixing Granulator (LM-100)
Super Mixing Granulator (LM-100)
Super Mixing Granulator (LM-100)
Super Mixing Granulator (LM-100)
Super Mixing Granulator (LM-100)

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