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Dry Heat Sterilizer Machine (DMH)

  • Shanghai, China

  • 50 Sets/Year

  • T/T, Western Union

  • DMH

  • Customized

  • New

  • 1 Year

  • Dry Heat Sterilizer Machine

  • Sterilizer Machine

  • Dmh-1

  • 1.0m3

  • 1000X1000X1000

  • SUS/Ss 316

  • BSIT

  • Export Standard Wooden Case

  • Meet GMP Standard

  • Made in China

  • 8422400000

  • Preparation Machinery

  • Bottle or Powder

  • High Precision

  • CE, GMP

  • 380V

  • Computerized

Dry Heat Sterilizer Machine (DMH)

Process requirement:

1)Rate working temperature: room temperature-180ºC , design temperature-300ºC
2)Design double door, interlock door, installed through the wall.
3)Wind flow style: Horizontal laminar flow
4)Two-door interlock interlocks feed C grade IS07, discharge B grade IS05 Unidirectional laminar flow (A grade)
5)Public system support: Voltage: 220V±10% 380V±10% 50Hz
Power: 3 phase 5 wires AC
Cooling water: Soft water
6)Cooling way: air cooling and water cooling
7)Equipped with PLC, HIM touch screen, recorder, Differential Pressure Gauge, Automatic Moisture valve, has heating, sterilize, cooling, exhaust humidity, alarm etc function.
8)Alarm: cycle fun fault, temperature fault, different pressure fault.
9)Print: printer can print the one point temperature, and one point pressure record, PH value that one point temperature control in sterile process. Recorder print fine point temperature and studio pressure curve

Process control:
1)Sterilize range: temperature ≥250ºC, time ≥60min
2)Temperature adjust range: 20--300ºC(sterilize range can be set)
3)Cleanliness requirement (dynamic): one hundred grade
4)The temperature difference of inner cavity heat load distribution is ±3ºC
5)Heat penetration: temperature different is ±4ºC(Items placed reasonable)

Dry Heat Sterilizer Machine (DMH)
Dry Heat Sterilizer Machine (DMH)
Dry Heat Sterilizer Machine (DMH)

Structure description :

1)Outer wall plate: The material is thickness 2mm, 3042B stainless steel plate, Ra≤0.8um, surface matt or oil mill, make the oven beautiful, smooth etc.
2)Inner cavity: Inner material is 316 stainless steel, thickness is 2.0mm and Inner layer is electrical polishing, Ra≤0.5um,without sharp edges, inner wall is welding, R angle arc transition in the lower corner and make inner cavity change little when frequent expansion and contraction of the inner wall
3)Door sealing: Use imported material silicone rubber seal, the max. temperature is 400ºC, use life can reach 6000 hours, no deforming, anti-aging, sealing and spring is good.
4)Electrical heating pipe: Heating components are seamless molded stainless steel pipe, high thermal effect, use life is over 6000 hours, good sealing and insulation, heating power: 24KW,220V, installed in the side of box, easy to maintenance.
5)Thermal insulation layer: Adopt high quality silicate cotton, thickness is 150mm, reduce heat losses, except thermal bridge on the door, other outer temperature ≤room temperature +20ºC with warning label .
6)Framework: The machine foot is after horizontal correction before leave the factory.
7)Door: Double-door adopt electronic interlocking device, can not open simultaneously, clean side door can open after setting sterilize program, when the machine running two sides of doors can not open, after sterilize only can high level clean side door, after closing high level side door can open another side door, the door can not open when it does not meet the situation, if in special situation (such as Power outages, machine failure etc) can open the door or open door manually; Door handles and hinges: Adopt the sanitary material, no dust , easy to clean.
8)Inner hot air circulation: In order to ensure the uniform of inner empty load heat distribution, the machine equipped with a set of inner circulation high temperature resistant air Y110-2T model, 3.7 KW, motor insulation level L, ≥1 meter noise ≤70 decibel, cavity supply good and stable distribution to ensure there is no die angle for the enforced circulation air flow at the inner of dry and heat sterilization oven, improve the heat efficiency. In order to adjust the blower speed that reach the qualified wind speed, air pressure and air volume, the machine equipped with converter, model: FSCG05, both save energy and also protect the motor, adjust the frequency reasonably according to the specifications of items placed position, to make the inner room temperature achieving the best status, and the blower is easy to clean maintenance, just fifteen minutes to replace a blower and less pollution.
9)High efficient filter: The air inlet and outlet installed high temperature high efficiency filter separately, filtration efficiency 99.99%, size: 300×300×150mm, In order to improve the oven working efficiency, accelerate the cooling rate and science humidity, we installed a set of centrifugal blower fan on the upstream of high temperature and high efficient air inlet, model: DF-3-250, the switch and time of the blower can be according to customer requirement, the programming controlled by PLC. In order to prevent producing negative pressure air backflow, installed a set of USA Honeywell air valve actuator on the efficient air outlet downstream, model: M447C. In order to observe working status of oven inner cavity and outer pressure and high efficient filter, installed USA micro-differential pressure meter at the upstream and downstream of severe high efficient filter, 0~500pa. Judge high efficient block status and control changing time according to differential pressure. In order to ensure the sterilization product sterilized absolutely during product out, the machine equipped with USA digital display differential pressure meter also can communicate, interaction with PLC and air supply inverter motor, ensure the cavity reach 30Pa, also can display on the touch screen and print the differential pressure data on the recorder.
10)Temperature probe: Inner side of oven equipped with at least six pieces removable probe, observing inner box temperature, time changes, print recorder, equipment running situation, temperature, time etc, the data can be archived for future reference.(Warming start, sterilize start, cooling start, operator code, product name and batch number etc)
11)Installed one of DN25mm process validation test hole on the lower clean side, can be used for detecting for temperature heat distribution, it is standard sanitary quick connector.
12)Cooling way: In order to make the article within the box body quickly cooled at a high temperature, the machine in addition to the air- cooled device plus water-cooled device, thereby shortening the production cycle to improve efficiency. Inlet water is soft water about 500kg/batch, cooling started by PLC control valve, Note: In order to ensure the safety water outlet all open, not allowed install any water and air block device. 250ºC-70ºC require 90 minutes.

Technical data:
Effective volume 0.225m3
Working dimension 600× 500× 750
Outer dimension 1580× 800× 1700
Temperature range Normal temperature-~300º C
Temperature uniformity ± 3º C
Heating power 12KW
Fan power 1.5KW
Induced draft fan power 0.12KW
Exhaust fan power 0.12KW
Purification class 100 class
Power supply 3+N380V

Dry Heat Sterilizer Machine (DMH)

Dry Heat Sterilizer Machine (DMH)
Dry Heat Sterilizer Machine (DMH)
Dry Heat Sterilizer Machine (DMH)
Dry Heat Sterilizer Machine (DMH)
Dry Heat Sterilizer Machine (DMH)

Dry Heat Sterilizer Machine (DMH)
Dry Heat Sterilizer Machine (DMH)
Dry Heat Sterilizer Machine (DMH)

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