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Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine (inner-heating type) Bnf- 60A

  • Shanghai, China

  • 30 Sets/Year

  • T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram

  • BNF- 60A

  • Pressure

  • Pneumatic Lifting

  • Rotary

  • Tube

  • Soft-Tube

  • Filling and Sealing Machine (Outer-Heating)

  • Aluminum Tube or Other Metal Tube

  • Hot Air Heating for Inside Sealing

  • Paste , Cream,Ointment

  • Filling and Sealing Machine

  • 40mm

  • 1-150ml

  • 30-60tube/Min

  • <+/-1%

  • 0.4-0.6 MPa

  • BSIT

  • Export Standard Wooden Case

  • Meet GMP Standard

  • Made in China

  • 8422303090

  • Volumetric Filling Machine

  • Automatic

  • Paste

  • Multi-Head

  • Single-Room Feeding

  • Capacity Cup

Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine (inner-heating type) BNF- 60A

Choose our machine advantage:

1. Automatic bar code aligning, especially for oval shape tube
2. Hot air heating for inside sealing and looping cooling water for outside to promise good appearance
3. Dangerous gas generated during the sealing process to be ventilated out through ventilator
4. Change parts promise wide range of diameter of tube
Filling, sealing, batch No. Coding to be incorporated in one machine
5. Tube auto-loading.
7. The total production capacity can be set manually.
9. No tube no filling

Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine (inner-heating type) Bnf- 60A
Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine (inner-heating type) Bnf- 60A

Main Introduction:

This machine is a high-tech product which successfully developed and designed by adopting advanced technology from abroad and strictly meet GMP requirement. PLC controller and color touch screen are applied and made it possible for programmable control of the machine. It can perform the filling for ointment, cream jellies or viscosity material, tail folding, batch number embossing (include manufacture date) automatically. It's ideal equipment for plastic tube and laminated tube filling and sealing for cosmetic, pharmacy, foodstuff and bond industries.

Main Feature:

This Product have 9 stations, can choose different station and equip corresponding manipulator to meet different type of tail folding, sealing requirement for plastic tube, laminated tubes, It is a multi-purpose machine.
Tube feeding, eye marking, tube interior cleaning (optional), material filling, sealing (tail folding), batch number printing, finished products discharging can be performed automatically (the whole procedure).

Tube storage can through motor to adjust up-down height as per different tube length. And can With external reversal feeding system, makes tube charging more convenient and tidy.
The mechanical linkage photo sensor precision tolerance is less than 0.2mm. reduce the chromatic aberration scope between tube and eye mark.
Light, electric, pneumatic integrative control, No tube, no filling. Lower pressure, auto display (alarm); The machine stop automatically if tube error or open the safety door.
Double-layer jacket instant heater with inside air heating, it won't damage the pattern outer wall of tube and achieves firm and beautiful sealing effect.

Technical data:

Configuration Standard Technical Parameters Remarks
Main Machine
Landing Area
(about) 2m2
Working Area (about)12m2
Water Chiller
Landing Area
Working Area (about)2m2
Whole Machine
Integrated Structure Union mode
Weight (about)850Kg
Machine case body
Case Body Material 304
Opening Mode of Safety Guard Handle Door
Safety Guard Material Organic Glass
Frame Below Platform Stainless Steel
Case Body Shape Square-shape
Power, Main Motor etc.
Power Supply 50Hz/380V 3P
Main Motor 1.1KW
Hot Air Generator 3KW
Water Chiller 1.9KW
Jacket barrel heating power 2 KW Optional
Additional cost
Jacket barrel blending power 0.18 KW Optional
Additional cost
Production Capacity
Operation Speed 30-50/min/max
Filling Range Plastic/laminated tube 5-250ml
Suitable Tube Length Plastic/laminated tube 50-210mm Pipe length more than 210mm should customize
Suitable Tube Diameter Plastic/laminated tube 13-50mm
Pressing Device


Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine (inner-heating type) Bnf- 60A
Empty tube and finished tube sample:

Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine (inner-heating type) Bnf- 60A

Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine (inner-heating type) Bnf- 60A
Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine (inner-heating type) Bnf- 60A
Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine (inner-heating type) Bnf- 60A
Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine (inner-heating type) Bnf- 60A

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