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Tablet and Capsule Dissolution Tester (RC-6)

  • RC-6

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                        RC-6 Tablet and Capsule Dissolution Tester

56Product Description:
RC series of instruments are used for detecting velocity and extent of pharmacy dissolution form tablet capsule etc in prescriptive menstruum.

Applicable standards :
1. National standard(Chinese codex)/2005/
2.Corporate standard( Dissolution tester)Q/12xQ0187-2004

Features :

1. It has six vessels and six poles arranged on one line.
2. The head part of the instrument can be artificially turned over smoothly and flexibly.
3. The basket units and paddle units are made of imported stainless steel(SUS316L).
4. The magnetism-pumped circular water current can heat the system evenly ,and the bath liquid can achieve an equal temperature.
5. A MPU is used in dissolution tester to automatically control the temperature , rotational speed and time, and the parameters can be preset at any time.
6. It can be operated conveniently by keystorke. The measurement result is displayed be LED. The preset and real data can be displayed alternately in time
7. Automation: auto-test, auto-diagnose, auto-alarm .
8. it can test by self and alarm automatically. The dissolution parameters of "Chinese codex 2005" are stored in and be taken out at anytime
9. Time can be preset at many points. The beeper sounds automatically to any point, and then the tester automatically runs to the next one.

Technical Parameter :

Speed range (20~200)rpm
Speed accuracy 2rpm
Temperature range ambient to +45.0 ºC
Temperature Stability ±0.3 ºC
Preset timing Nine points(1-999)min
Time accuracy ± 0.5min
Paddle radial run-out ±0.5mm
Basket radial run-out: ±1.0mm
Power: 220V/50Hz/1200W or 110V/60Hz/1200w
Dimension (960X320X480) mm³

packing sample as following ( carton packing or wooden packing)

Tablet and Capsule Dissolution Tester (RC-6)
Tablet and Capsule Dissolution Tester (RC-6)
Tablet and Capsule Dissolution Tester (RC-6)
Tablet and Capsule Dissolution Tester (RC-6)
Tablet and Capsule Dissolution Tester (RC-6)

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