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IV Soft Bag Solution Leak Inspection (BFDRD-6000)

  • Dalian, China

  • 20 Sets/Year

  • L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram

  • (BFDRD-6000)

  • Computer Control

  • 0-100Kg

  • AC380V

  • Under

  • Plastic Ampoule

  • 4000PCS Soft Bag /Hour

  • High Frequency, High Voltage, Sparks Discharge

  • 380V 50Hz 3p

  • 850+/- 50mm

  • 5kg/Cm2 10L/Min

  • L3000 * W800 * H1200

  • BSIT

  • Export Standard Wooden Case

  • Meet GMP Standard

  • Made in China

  • 8422303090

  • Leak Liquid Tester

  • <1000KN

  • 1

  • Electronic Load

  • Dynamic Load

  • Digital

Leak Inspection for IV Soft Bag Solution (BFDRD-6000)

IV Soft Bag Solution Leak Inspection (BFDRD-6000)

Testing device

IV Soft Bag Solution Leak Inspection (BFDRD-6000)


IV Soft Bag Solution Leak Inspection (BFDRD-6000)

IV Soft Bag Solution Leak Inspection (BFDRD-6000)

Operational Principle:

Factories provide 220V 50Hz electricity mainly through frequency conversion by frequency power transformer and then boost through transformer. As detect power, applying a high voltage for product testing part, detecting current changes are received and sensor recognition, to the industrial computer, and to determine whether or not qualified products based on computers according to appropriate logic, signal will be sent to the implementing agencies and reject the substandard products.


Apply to non- PVC soft belt after filling with a large infusion of airtight detection. Checking 3000ml, 1000ml, 500ml, 250ml, 100ml and all kinds of specifications without changing the mould

Technology Parameters:

Testing Method: High Frequency, high voltage, sparks discharge
Input Voltage: 3*380V 50HZ 3KW
Operation Height: 850+/- 50mm
Compressed Air: 5kg/cm2 10l/min
The External Shape Size: L3000 * W800 * H1200
Production Capacity: 4000pcs/H
Weight: 1000Kg

Technical Features:

Continuous automatic operation of the machine, industrial computer control, with manual control function, automatic input detect products, automatic testing, rejecting the substandard products automatically, and qualified products go to next procedure automatically.

Inspecting the product at the mouth of the welding cap once, inspect the ship interface and film welding interface once. Completion of all operations on the touch screen, include automatic running, manual operation, inch, adjustment and the setting of the running parameters.

Recording the inspecting product quantities, qualified products quantities, substandard products quantities and quantities of all the substandard products in all inspecting places automatically. Result will be showing on the screen.

Fault alarm indicator will be showing on the screen.

Security: The high voltage parts of the machinery have the protect function, when open the protect door abnormally, it will be self-locking automatically, the machine will cut off the high voltage power automatically and alarming with alarming information.

IV Soft Bag Solution Leak Inspection (BFDRD-6000)
IV Soft Bag Solution Leak Inspection (BFDRD-6000)
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