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Gzpl680 High Speed Tablet Press (PG49/PG61/PG73/PG79)

  • Shanghai, China

  • 50 Sets/Year

  • L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram

  • GZPL680

  • Non-Customized

  • New

  • 1 Year

  • Gzpl680 High Speed Tablet Press

  • 100kn

  • 100kn

  • 25mm

  • 18mm

  • 470, 400-758400 PC/H

  • 16kw

  • 8.5mm

  • BSIT

  • Export Standard Wooden Case

  • Meet GMP standard

  • Made in China

  • 8438800000

  • Preparation Machinery

  • Tablet

  • Precision

  • GMP, ISO

  • 220V

  • Non-Computerized


1 Working Condition for GZPL680 High Speed Tablet Press
  1. Granule are uniform and non-moisture, the granule content is not less than two thirds
  2. Granule size range: 14-60 mesh , the granule should be well fluid and plasticity
  3. Equipment should be installed a place, humidity is less 86%, temperature is less 35ºC, in a ventilated house.
  4. Equipment working environment should be met GMP.
  5. Power supply: three-phases, five wires, AC according to the requirement. N and PE can not disturb each other.
Gzpl680 High Speed Tablet Press (PG49/PG61/PG73/PG79)

2. Technical Data:
PG49 PG61 PG73 PG79
Number of Stations 49 61 73 79
Tooling Type GL-D GL-B GL-BB GL-BBS
Max. Output (tablets/h)* 470,400(i =24 / 28)259,200(i =28 / 18)a 585,600 700,800 758400
Max. Tablet Dia. (mm) Φ25 Φ16 Φ13 Φ11
Max. Depth of Fill (mm) 18
Max. Tablet Thickness (mm) 8.5
Max. Compression Force ( kN) 100
Max. Pre-comp. Force (kN) 100
Rated Power (kW) 16
Power Supply 380V 50Hz 3P
Air Source Pressure (MPa) 0.6
Overall Dimension (mm) 1,720×1,860×2,060
Weight (kg) 4800
Unload Noise (dB (A)) ≤85
Note The max. output refers to the quantity of pressing little tablets from ideal granular.

* The max. output is designed capacity, in real production, it is related with many factors, for example, powder fluidity, characteristics, tooling, etc. Usually it will be 70% for round tablet, 50% for big tablet, which only for reference, if very strict, please make test before order.

3. Main Function
3.1 PLC Control, automatic tablet weight controlling system, automatic batch rejection device, auto sampling function.

Average tablet weight Average tablet weight control Single tablet weight tolerance Remark
<0.15g ±2% ±6% Better for round diameter ≥φ5mm
≥0.15g ~ <0.3g ±1% ±5%
≥0.3g ±1% ±3%
*Tested by placebo powder

3.2 Color touch screen 15", with the display of main average pressure, single punch pressure, alarm at fault, automatic stop and help menu, The on/off of tablet deduster and on/off and pulse of dust collector can be controlled by the touch screen (The tablet deduster and dust collector are optional).
3.3 Six sets of servo transmission mechanism are used for adjusting main compression (tablet thickness), pre-compression and filling depth of two sides. Control system is operated through the touch screen which display the value of main compression, pre-compression, filling depth and tablet thickness.
3.4 Electronic record and signature in compliance with FDA21 CFR Part 11, and data management function developed by configuration software.
3.5 Main motor and feeder motor are adjusted with inverter, r.p.m. can be regulated continuously with upper and lower limit.
3.6 With function of accumulated running time, accumulated total output, accumulated qualified output and preset output.
3.7 Alarm for over filling, under filling, upper and lower value of single punch pressure over limit.
3.8 With the function of main pressure overload protection. Auto protection facility for electric control system, main motor overload, feeder motor overload, upper and lower punches over tight, upper and lower camber installation. Emergency stop and production parameter print online.
3.9 Select the pull-down cam model automatically according to the tablet quality and shape, identify and alarm online (Single layer tablet).
3.10 Filling decrease function effected automatically via increasing tablet thickness.
3.11 Automatic Lubrication system. Lubrication interval can be adjusted. Under lube alarm, lubrication pressure fault alarm and auto-stop protection. Lubricating point to the upper punch body and head.

4. Main Structure Features:

4.1 Four-pole supporting rigid structure, three separated compartment for compressing, adjusting and transmission, cross contamination avoided. Gas spring concealed, tempered glass windows. Concealed pipes and lines in tablet compartment.
4.2 Exchangeable turret equipped with movable forklift for assembling. Upper and lower camber track assembly relatively fixed. Double lifting cam. Up track made by copper alloy, others by nonmetal material.
4.3 Control system and operating system are separated relatively with main body.
4.4 Format by main compression and pre-compression, the compression could be adjusted continuously; pressure roller with modular construction.
4.5 Double layer force feeder system, better for equal filling, damping rod of lower punch with the structure of ball head piston.
4.6 All parts in contact with granule and tablets, such as filling system, middle turret and tablet ejection device, etc. are made of stainless steel or innocuous macromolecule material.
4.7 Dust collection system with big wrap angle structure, connecting diameter φ90mm.
4.8 Hairline surface treatment.

5. Configuration
· Main parts and components of electric control system are from world leading suppliers:
  • Mitsubishi Q-series PLC
  • Mitsubishi servo motor
  • French DYNABOX adjusting mechanism reducer
  • Siemens Touch Screen
  • Siemens low voltage electric parts
  • Imported hydraulic system
  • Samco inverter for main motor
  • Delta inverter for feeder motor
  • ZK worm at the precision grade 6
  • Bijur lubrication system
  • SUS mid turret
Machine drawing:
Gzpl680 High Speed Tablet Press (PG49/PG61/PG73/PG79)
Gzpl680 High Speed Tablet Press (PG49/PG61/PG73/PG79)
all kinds of tablet

Gzpl680 High Speed Tablet Press (PG49/PG61/PG73/PG79)

Gzpl680 High Speed Tablet Press (PG49/PG61/PG73/PG79)
Gzpl680 High Speed Tablet Press (PG49/PG61/PG73/PG79)

Gzpl680 High Speed Tablet Press (PG49/PG61/PG73/PG79)
Gzpl680 High Speed Tablet Press (PG49/PG61/PG73/PG79)
Gzpl680 High Speed Tablet Press (PG49/PG61/PG73/PG79)
Gzpl680 High Speed Tablet Press (PG49/PG61/PG73/PG79)
Gzpl680 High Speed Tablet Press (PG49/PG61/PG73/PG79)
Gzpl680 High Speed Tablet Press (PG49/PG61/PG73/PG79)

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