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Automatic Effervescent Tablet Counting Machine Effervescent Tablet Filling Machine

The effervescent tablet filling and capping machine is an effervescent tablet packing machine that is suitable for counting effervescent tablet, filling effervescent tablet into thin individual tube(bobbin bottles) and capping cap on the tube.
(Effervescent Tablet Tube Filling Machine, Tablet Tube Filler, Tube Filling Machine For Effervescent Tablets)
  • BSP-30

  • BSIT


  • 30

  • T/T, Western Union

  • 1set

  • plywood case

BSP-30 Tablet wrapping paper machine


Brief Introduction:                                                                            

The BSP-30 effervescent tablet filling and capping machine for bobbin bottles is applicable to the packing of bigger and thinner tablets which are orderly fed into bobbin bottles/tube in a single row in an overlapping way.

The device utterly adopts a PLC for centralized control. It is verified in fiber and photoelectric detection and other kinds of detection to have steady performance and reliably automatic operation. It can automatically give alarms and shut down in case of no tablets, bottles or covers. Its part in contact with the tablets is made of superior 316 stainless steel. which can fully requirement of GMP.


Composition and Function:                                                          

1.Cap Vibrating pan: put capping to vibrating feeding by manual, it will  according to design cap direction and send fix press-cap location auto

2. Feeding Vibrating parts: manual put tablet into hopper, vibrating feeder will send tablet make sorting parts, this parts send tablet device and sorting tablet parts automatically. When over tablet is more that will stop send tablet, otherwise will send tablet.

3 Tablet sorting parts and Collection parts: This parts function will no-sorting tablet arrange well according to same direction and design quantity , also collection and together and send into push tablet parts.

4.Push tablets into tubes (bottle): when check have bottle that will lift auto, tablet auto and send tablet cylinder will put tablet into bottle.

5.Tube hoppers parts: manual put bottle to stock hopper according to same direction , It will sorting and arrange enter into tablet location according to sort by vibrate bottle.

6.Press-capping parts: when check bottle with tablet that it will press-cap to mouth by press-capping machine automatically. No tablet or lack tablet can’t press-capping. It will reject without press-capping bottle automatically

7. Electric control parts: this machine running process by PLC control. It will carry out automatically, when loose packing product, it will alarm and stop machine auto

Main materials                                                                              

Main made of material : table plate and frame is made of steel also baking paint, tablet cover is made of SUS304, other parts adopt by alloy-steel Sand Blasting, superior SUS304, it is SUS316 contact with tablet product.

Technical parameters                                                                        


220V50Hz single phase



Filling speed

20-30 bottles/minute

Supporting facilities

purified compressed air whose pressure and consumption are 0.5~0.6MPa and 0.28m3/minute

supply dust collector by buyer, contact diameter 38mm

External dimensions



About 480KG

Remarks:There will no further notification if the appearance or parameters of our products are modified. Thanks.

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