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Plastic ampoule filling machine

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                                                  DSM Plastic ampoule filling machine



Oral liquid,liquid,pesticide,perfume,cosmetics and pulp food category ,etc 
Characteristics :
1.Controlled by PLC , the frequency conversion in finitely variable speeds.
2. All 6 processes from spreading roll, Ampoule bottle forming, filling , sealing the end , printing serial numbers, cutting the end, 
    cutting apart, controlled by programming
3. The computer human interface has simple and clear operation.
4. The filling head don't drop. Leak, riding bubbled and spill over.
5. All are made of high-quality stainless steel, accord with the standard GMP.
6. Mostly pneumatic components and sirings adopt inward fittings.
7. Automatic and mechanical bottling, precise calculation and limited deflection

Technical parameter :

Max forming depth12mm
Cutting frequency0-50 time 2 filling head
0-100 time 5 filling head
Packing materialPET/PE, PVC/PE(0.2-0.4)X120mm
Cutting frequency0-25 pcs 
Whole machine's weight550Kg
Outer size L x W x H(mm)1750x750x1400(mm)

Plastic ampoule sample


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