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Labeling machine

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                                                                 BSIT Bottle/bag Labeling machine


General Features:

Automatic labeling machine for the application of labels on round bottle. The machine is composed by a conveyor, one of label adaptor and one of label applicator. In case of wrap around label application a side conveyor is installed. There is also the possibility to install a hot stamping unit, print expiry date, batch code etc. The bottle loading/unloading can be done manually, through loading/unloading turntable (alternative Ø620mm or Ø900mm) or directly from an production line.

 Technical Features:

Kind of bottleRound
Bottle sizeMin. Ø20mm     Max. Ø120mm

Step motor  SMT-A: 15m/min              

Servo motor SMT-B: 25m/min                              

Label sizeLength: 30~200mm   Width:   20~90mm
Label roll size

Internal dia. Ø 76mm External dia. Ø 300mm

Power220V 50/60Hz   1.0kw
Machine size mmLength   2000, width 900, height 1500
Machine weight400kgs

Labeling sample :


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