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Glass ampoule filling machine

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                                                   5-10ml Ampoule Filling Sealing Machine with Button Control (AFS2)

Why choose our machine?
1. Suitable range for Pharmaceutical, cosmetic. Such as vaccines, serums, pesticides, injection liquid, collagen, serum/essemce, hyaluronic acid and other medical beauty skin care products etc.
2. This is our basic model with glass syringe filling device+button control, you can choose peristaltic pump+PLC as per your request. 
3.The Ampoule(Ampule) filling and sealing machine is suitable for pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry or other related industry to fill and seal 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, D model and other  specification glass ampoule(ampule).
 4. Structure of the machine is simple and compact, the running of Machine is stable and reliable,operation and adjustment is convenient and functions are complete. If ampoule is absent during application, automatic filling device can avoid spillover of liquid medicine. Adopt injected pump,high precision.
5.The machine is two position stepping transmission system, a group of two ampoules enter each position each time, complete send bottle separately, filling nitrogen before, filling liquid, filling nitrogen afterwards and pre-heating, sealing etc process.
6. Furthermore, this machine with twice nitrogen filling  , which depends on customer, glass bits cleaning device.
7. It is SUS316 contact with liquid. meet pharmaceutical GMP standards
8. Supply FAT testing and SAT testing
9. Guarantee for 1 year 
Good  Function :                                                                                                                                                             

1. The machine is a new generation of the ampoule filling, drawing and sealing combined equipment for injections. 

2. It adopts the rectangular feeding methods. In such a case, the feeding is steady with no easy broken ampoule.

3.Suitable for glass ampoule filling and sealing drawing, the local station for the 2 bottles for one stepper drive system, each with 2 bottles as a group, were sent to the various processes point to complete the delivery bottles, before nitrogen, drench, after nitrogen, preheated, drawing sealing processes.

4.  The machine accepts hydrogen generator as drawing sealing gas-fire gas.pli

Good working video :

2 filling head linkage working video :
4 filling head linkage working video :   
6 filling head linkage   
8 filling head linkage working  video                

Ampoule sample:


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