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Blister packing machine

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                                                                         DPP Blister Packaging Machine

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Why choose our blister packing machine?

1.This machine is a medicine packing machine by innovating design of our company, it is function reaches at leading in China. This latest generation blister packing machine widely used in small pharmacy factory, dosage room of hospital, institute laboratory, health care product  food industry. It is applied to ALU-plastic, ALU-ALU blister packing for tablet, sugar-coated tablets, small hardware etc.

2. This machine can form the materials, heat seal al-plastic through pressing, and punch blocks in fort through the rotation of the front and rear boxes and cans 
shaft, whereas the moulds is equipped on the middle guide, which works through the top rod's rolling with 
the cam up and down, and the latitude shaft drives the crank to work while it is working, and the crank drives 
the cam to have the mechanical hands work in equidistance through the formed PVC and aluminum foil. 
The feeder can fill the capsules with medicament and the forming mould blisters, heat seals, stamps lot 
numbers, impressed and punches the blocks at the same production line simultaneously, which assures 
effectively the forming, heat sealing reliability synchronically.

3. Blister packing suitable for liquid/cream/oil/tablet/capsule/solid product 
DPP blister packing machine working video:  

Technical parameters:

Technical data:
Punch Frequency(times/min)20-40
Capacity(Strip/h)2400(Standard 80x57)
Max forming area and depth(mm)80x100x26
Stroke(mm)20-100(can be designde as user is requirements)
Standard Strip(mm)80x57(can be designed as user is requirements)
Air Pressure(Mpa)0.4-0.6
Total Power380v/220v 50HZ 1.8KW
Main Motor Power(kw)0.55
PVC hard pieces(mm)0.15-0.5x88
PTP Aiuminum Foil(mm)0.02-0.035x88
Dialysis Paper(mm)50-100x88
Mould Coolingtap water or recycle weter
Overall Dimension(mm)900x460X89(LXWXH)

Blister sample:


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