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Name: BQYF Jet Mill certification 

The BQYF fludized-bed jet mill is actually such a device as using the high speed air flow to perform the dry-type superfine pulverizing,It is widely applied to superfine pulverizing for nonmetallic ores, talcum, barite, kaolin, quartz, grapite fire retardant materials, high- grade grinding media, chemical, metallurgy, western medicines, traditional Chinese medicine, agricultural chemical and ceramics, as well as for sun dry powders as highly adhesive and superfine pesticides.



The BQYF fludized-bed jet mill is actually such a device as using the high speed air flow to perform the dry-type superfine pulverizing. It consists of milling nozzle, grading the screw feeder to the milling chamber, where the pressure air is activating the high speed injection by means of special ultrasonic nozzle. Therefore, the materials will be ground by being accelerated, impacted and collided repeatedly in the midst of ultrasonic injection Flow. The ground materials will ne brought together with up flow to the grading chamber. The centrifugal force produced by the fast rotation of grading rotator together with the centripetal force by the pneumatic adhesion act on the grading grains. When the centrifugal force on the grain is greater than the centripetal force, the coarser gains above the grading range will be swirled back to the milling chamber for further milling. The thinner grains below the grading range will be blasted to cyclone separator and collector, whereas the purified air will be vented outside from the draft.


1 No rise in temperature: The temperature will not increase as the materials are pulverized under the working conditions of pneumatic expansion and the temperature in the milling cavity is kept normal.

2 No contamination: The whole process is contamination-free as the materials are moved by the airflow and ground through the collision and impact among themselves without involving the media.

3 Endurance: Applied to materials with Moh’s Hardness below Grade 9, since the milling effect only involves the impact and collision among the grains rather than the collision with the wall.

4 Energy- effective: Saving 30%-40% over the Equivalents.

5 Insert gas can be used as media for milling flammable and explosive materials.

 Main technical parameters:





Air   consumption(m3/min)


Working   pressure(Mpa)


Feed diameter(mesh)


Grinding size(μm)


Energy consumption   power(kw)