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Name: BDMH Heat sterilizer 

It is hundred purification dry heat sterilizer door configuration (Motorized door) Meet with New Version GMP



During “GMP” management in pharmaceutical and medical industries, the aseptic and eliminating heat source demand in medicines and their contacting utensils will become more higher.
The company has painstakingly designed and developed sterilization oven on the basis of long accumulation of practical experiences in designing and making various electric heating aseptic oven, digestion and absorption of advantages of overseas similar products and combination of our national condition. This device is in conformity with GMP requirement, thus providing reliable equipment for the pharmaceutical industry at home in GMP reformation.

Process requirement:

1Rate working temperature room temperature180 , design temperature300

2Design double door interlock door, installed through the wall.

3Wind flow style: Horizontal laminar flow

4Two-door interlock interlocks feed C grade IS07, discharge B grade IS05 Unidirectional laminar flow (A grade)

5)Public system support: Voltage: 220V±10%   380V±10% 50Hz  Power: 3 phase 5 wires AC  Cooling water: Soft water

6Cooling way: air cooling and water cooling

7Equipped with PLC, HIM touch screen, recorder, Differential Pressure Gauge, Automatic Moisture valve, has heating, sterilize, cooling, exhaust humidity, alarm etc function.

8Alarm: cycle fun fault, temperature fault, different pressure fault.

9Print: printer can print the one point temperature, and one point pressure record, PH value that one point temperature control in sterile process. Recorder print fine point temperature and studio pressure curve

Process control:

1Sterilize range: temperature ≥250, time ≥60min

2Temperature adjust range: 20--300(sterilize range can be set)

3Cleanliness requirement (dynamic): one hundred grade

4The temperature difference of inner cavity heat load distribution is ±3

5Heat penetration: temperature different is ±4(Items placed reasonable)

Technical parameter:


2050×1600×2380mm (width x depth x height)

Heating power


Working room size

1000×1250×1200mm(width   x depth x height)

Total power


Using temperature

Room temperature 250℃

Empty load heat distribution


Design temperature

Room temperature 300℃

Heating way

Electric heating

Warming time: Empty   room temperature -250℃≤50min.

Cooling time:   180℃—80℃≤80minWater temperature15℃