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Name: BYG4/2/2-100 Eye-drop filling machine line 

 BYY Eye-drop liquid filling machine 

It is suitable for eye-drop Aseptic (E-cig)E-liquids bottle liquid of product filling, plug place, cap place, cap screw-on. 


General Features:

Eyedrop Aseptic filling production line is consists of  Automatic bottle unscrambler,  Air Rinser, filling plugging, capping , this machine for the application of round eyedrop bottle or similar ones, auto accomplish bottle unscrambling, bottle conveying, air wash, metering packaging, plus stuffed inside and outside screw etc processes. The bottle loading/unloading is done manually, through loading turntableØ500mm or automatica unscrambler and unloading tray, or directly from an production line. the entire production process is completed laminar flow operating uner the protection and protection,ensures that eye drops sterile production line. meet new version of GMP requirements, production line also applies to other small-capacity plastic bottles 

System components:

Store quantities of bottles, automaitc unscrambling system

Conveyor bottle,reject inverted bottle system

Static elimination, air washing

Precision Ceramics, bottle indexing system

Vacuum pick and auto place system

Constant magnetic torque, positioning capping system

Aseptic laminar flow protection system

Alternative peristaltic pump system instead of ceramic pump 

Technical Features:

Kind   of bottle

Round  eyedrop plastic bottle or similar


90-120 bpm, 80~100bpm  on 10ml~5ml 

Filling   volume 


Filling nozzles 

Bottle air washing heads12
Plug placing heads2
Capping heads2
Filling precision<=±1%

 Qualified bottle air washing 


Qualified plug placing >99.8%
Qualified cap screwing>99.8%
Compressed aire required10m3L/h, 0.6-0.8MPA


220V 50/60Hz 5kw

Machine  size mm

Length 6780, width   2380, height 2000 (Exclude LAF)

Machine  weight:


* Other sizes on request