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Name: BYG200 high speed eyedrop aseptic filling line (160-200pcs/min) 

The machine is mainly used to eyedrop or E-liquids accomplish bottle unscrambling, conveying, air washing, dosage discharging, plug&cap placing


BYG200 the eyedrop aseptic filling line consist of four main units including unscrambler, conveyor, pure air washer, monobloc of filling plugging and capping unit. The machine is mainly used to accomplish bottle unscrambling, conveying, air washing, dosage discharging, plug&cap placing, the entire production process is protected under laminar flow H14 and aseptic isolation cover, which isolate all working area and keep eyedrops product be filled under aseptic environment. the regional isolation protection to ensure that the eye drops sterile production . the whole machine meet the requirements of new GMP. The production line is also suitable for the production of other similar plastic bottle

System components

Big bottle storage hopper, automatic unscrambling system

Bottle conveyor, auto reject bottle fell down system

Static elimination, bottle air washing system

Static elimination, plug/cap air washing system

High precision ceramic piston pump filling system

Vacuum suck and auto pick and place plug system

Auto pick and place cap system

Constant magnetic torque, rotary screw capping system

Laminar flow H14 and isolate hood system

Mature leading edge technology

Advanced PLC control system, I/O online monitoring, full line is automatically running

Superelevation design of conveyor beyond machine table, make the laminar flow won’t return back on head of bottle mouth, all parts profile design on machine table is easily cleaned, no hygienic dead corners. Each working station are fully covered under laminar flow unit, full compliance with GMP requirements

Automatic unscrambling unit is streamline designed, both round bottles and flat bottle is suitable to oriented in this unscrambler without human interference

Aseptic purified air washing bottle, plug and cap, the ion air eliminate the static electricity which attached on the bottle, plug, and cap, Linear bottle indexing device, one way blowing air into bottle inner, the other way suck and exhaust the waste air , ensure the bottle, plug, cap cleanliness without any pollution to working environment

Advanced Ceramic piston pump dispensing mechanism, easy and reliable disassembling, cleaning, disinfection and sterilization, pump is driven by servo system, filling volume is easy set and changed in HMI, precision bottle indexing device, neck clamping device, ensure filling nozzle right inserting into bottle mouth without any bottle falling down and other abnormal condition happens

Advanced plug vacuum pick and place unit, monobloc design with outer cap pick and placing unit, rotary planet driving system make machine running stably, capping unit adopt magnetic adjustable torque cluth, suitable to difference kinds of cap

Main driving parts of machine adopt low beat gear, rod and rock arm, ensure machine running stable and reliable. Very low noise occur.

Key electrical elements, photo sensor, pneumatic components are famous name brand.

 Efficient Energy-saving effect

Unique unscramble bottle, washing, filling, plug, ca on multi-function equipment design, the production line occupy small space, minimizing the purification space, greatly reduce the cost of production

The equipment running extensive use mechanism, electricity, pneumatic elements integrated PLC control system, improve the stability of the equipment running, and greatly improve the rate of qualified products. With energy efficient inverter, the motor to achieve variable speed, greatly save energy

 Friction and moving parts adopt wear resisting material e.g powde metallurgy, engineering plastic. Good Hi-temperature resistance, wear resistance, self lubricating performance, can effectively reduce the wear and tear of the moving process, minimize the replacement of wearing parts

The device has a switching program, specifications adjustment adjust some orbital altitude can reduce the human adjustment, cleaning and replacement specifications

 Low starting current, starting torque, high power factor of entire speed range.

Safe, reliable, trustworthy products

Integration of the mechanism, electric, pneumatic with PLC control system, run safely and reliably, low failure rate, operation and maintenance costs low

Automatic overload protection, faulty condition will auto stop machine, partial electrical faulty alarm displayed in the HMI

The device has a switching program specification can be realized adjustment to avoid man-made pollution equipment operating environment, effective aseptic operation Quarantine.

 Linear action, not disordered laminar flow protection, effective sterile production

Reversed bottle rejected, no bottle auto shutdown machine protection, waiting for boot, no plug no cap intelligence, reject substandard products excluded, counting and before and after the machine automatically interlock protection. 

 Main technical data:

Bottle   used

5-15ml   round/flat oval bottle

Production   capacity


Filling   nozzles


Bottle   air washing heads


Plug   placing head


Capping   heads


Filing   precision


Qualified   bottle air washing


Qualified   plug placing


Qualified cap screwing


Compressed air required

0.6-0.8Mpa   15m3/h

Total   power

380V/220V 50/60Hz   6kw

Net   weight


Machine size (LXWXH) mm

9500X2150x2000mm   (Exclude:LAF)